Residential Park Homes

At Countrywide Park Homes we have some of the most amazing Residential Park Homes available and we have dedicated years of knowledge and experience in focusing on what truly makes the perfect park. We understand that location is of course one of the biggest factors for those looking or considering park home living. With this in mind we have acquired some of the finest parks in various locations throughout England. Our selection is second to none.


Our locations include Cheshire, (Alvanley Park, Chester’s Croft Park and Home Farm Park), Cambridgeshire (The Grove Park), Norfolk (Plumtree Park and Hardwick Bridge Park), Yorkshire (Oakland Hill Park), Lancashire (Dales View Park), Reading (Harvey’s Nurseries Park) and Isle Of Wight (Medina Country Park). Each of our parks boasts it’s own unique advantage be it onsite facilities or proximity to local amenities each has it’s own character and charm making all our parks hard to resist.

Residential Park Homes-Oakland Hill Park

When deciding on which park best meets your requirements, imagine being able to choose and design every aspect of your dream home, from the layout, to the interior finish and of course then where on park would you like to be? The options are endless with park home living, in fact it’s almost too good to be true!


With a community of like minded neighbours that share similar interests and ideas to you, there’s no concern for peace and quiet and mutual respect it’s just a simple way of life that we all long for. That’s Park Home Living.


Please feel free to browse our residential park homes for sale to see what homes we currently have to offer. Don’t forget that once your house is chosen, you can have it fully bespoke and built to your requirements to ensure it truly becomes your dream home.

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