5 Reasons to Consider Buying a Park Home

At first, when you start to consider retirement and where you want to spend your golden years. Choosing whether to move away from your home can a difficult choice to make. However, many make this move yearly, with many people choosing to downsize, as their children have all grown up. The approach of their retirement is slowly pushing them to move to a more suitable location, where they can truly plan for their ideal retirement. Our park homes for sale present some incredible opportunities to retire in style, with the freedom and independence to do whatever you want! Hence why you should consider buying a park home — not convinced? We have FIVE different reasons why you should be! 

Reason One – Affordability 

Our park homes for sale offer exceptional value for money, with costs significantly less than if you were to purchase an equally sized house in today’s marketplace. For a lower price, homeowners can still expect luxury in a stunning property situated in some of Britain’s most scenic and attractive locations. If you are downsizing for retirement, a park home can be an excellent way to obtain sizeable amounts of equity from your current property. With our 100% Market-Value Part Exchange Guarantee, we can help you transfer the equity you have in your house and put it on your new park home, and we will give you the excess in value once your house has sold! 

Reason Two – Quality of Life

Independence and leisure are of paramount importance to park residents, and for that reason, our park homes for sale offer an excellent quality of life. If you love spacious surroundings and living in luxury, park home living is perfect. We can provide you with a superior living standard in a home that you love. Our manufacturing partners ensure that all our park homes and holidays lodges adhere to all industry regulations and quality codes, all designed to have an expected lifespan of over 50years! Is this not enough to convince you into buying a park home? No? Let’s continuing reading!

Reason Three – Community 

In this day and age, a collaborative community feel is often hard to find, but not for park home residents! Park home living is the ideal environment for those looking to join a community of like-minded people in the same position of their life. You’ll often find that you have a lot in common with your neighbours and spotting a friendly face is never complicated. Is this not enough to convince you into buying a park home? No? Let’s continuing reading!

Reason Four – Security 

Compared to city or suburb living, our park homes for sale can offer an increased level of security. Situated in close-knit communities, you can have your slice of paradise away in the gorgeous British countryside. All of the parks have park wardens and representatives that you can call on, and their primary responsibility is to ensure that you have the best retirement or holiday. As the parks privately owned, there is no access to the park for the public, ensuring that you and your possessions are as safe as possible. Is this not enough to convince you into buying a park home? No? Let’s continuing reading!

Reason Five – Independence

Just because you are at the age where moving into a retirement community is an attractive option. It doesn’t mean you are no longer capable of caring for yourself. That is what makes park home living ideal; you have the freedom to do as you please, with the extra security and financial independence to enjoy your retirement. The decision to enjoy your retirement in the way you want is only a phone call away!

At Countrywide Park Homes, we want to ensure that you have all of the information you need. But if you need more about our range of products and services. Call us today on 0800 150 3333. Alternatively, you can arrange a COVID-secure park visit to experience the parks first hand. 

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