Want to Move House with Less Hassle? Consider Part Exchange

If you are a homeowner looking to move house, the process can be fraught, what with looking for a buyer, dealing with chains, and having to contend with estate agents’ and solicitors’ fees. And while the housing market is buoyant in some parts of the UK, it is stagnant in others. One way to simplify the process, is to consider purchasing through a part-exchange scheme.

How It Works

part exchangeIn order to sell new properties, most park operators offer part-exchange schemes where they will buy your existing property when you purchase a new park home. The way your property is valued varies, but a valuation will often carried out by two independent local estate agents. The park operator then purchases your existing home at an agreed price, which is offset against the price of your new park home. If you want to purchase a park home or just generally want to move home, this is certainly something to consider, as it takes the hassle out of what is already a stressful process.

An Alternative Route

part exchangeIf you are looking for something with a little more financial flexibility, Countrywide Park Homes offer a 100% market value part-exchange scheme on all their properties, be they new or per-owned, which can be an attractive option. They are a residential park operator with sites throughout England in outstanding countryside locations, and they specialize in residential park homes and luxury lodges. Most operators restrict the part exchange option solely to new park homes but with the extra choice from Countrywide, park home living may be more affordable than you initially think. You are freed from anxieties about buyers pulling out, chains, and the hassle of dealing with solicitors and agents, all of which they will take care of at no cost to you. Under certain circumstances you may even release equity from the process meaning you have a cash back amount to spend as you please.

Is It for You?

Part-exchange might not be for everyone, but if you are considering moving up the property ladder into a new home, and you like what an operator has on offer, it can be a straightforward way to complete the process with minimal fuss. If you are retiring or looking to downsize and move to a rural location, Countrywide Park Homes have an attractive scheme that can allow you to do this, and possibly release some equity in the process. Contact them today to start your new life by calling 0800 690 6060.