Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about buying a residential park home or luxury holiday lodge? Find out everything you need to know below.

The homes are bought directly from the park of your choice. You do not need to employ a solicitor to buy a park home as conveyancing occurs since you are not purchasing the land that the home is sited on. You have the right to remain in the park with your home indefinitely.

All of our park homes are built to British Standard 3632 for residential purposes. Residents will get protection under the 2013 Mobile Homes Act Agreement, which is the legal agreement issued at the point of sale: this agreement is made between the park owner and the resident. This gives residents complete security of tenure, and they will be able to live in the home on the park for as long as they wish. The only stipulation is that residents comply with the park rules and pitch fees are paid when due.

When living on park, you will be charged a pitch fee. This includes ground rent, upkeep of communal areas, security and any on park facilities as documented within your Mobile Homes Act Agreement. This charge is similar to the maintenance charge normally associated with apartments and serviced accommodation.