Frequently Asked Questions about Park Homes

The questions to consider when buying a Residential Park Home

Searching, buying and moving into residential park homes can be quite a big move for some individuals. Nonetheless, in the event that you realize that buying a park home is the right thing for you. We have prepared some answers to some frequently asked questions for your convenience. As we know that there will be some questions running about in your head, which may concern you about owning your residential park home.

There are numerous kinds of residential park homes, and picking the ideal one can be troublesome. Here are five of the main things to consider when considering park homes ideal for you and your partner or a relative, so remember these when you start your inquiry.

Question 1. Is It Located Close to Family and Friends?

Quite possibly, this question is really more faced towards where you are looking. When searching for appropriate residential park homes and the parks’ location is suitable and close to your loved ones. There are hundreds of park locations in the UK. There is bound to be a location near your friends and family.

Question 2. Is there a Suitable Level of Assistance for Your Everyday Needs?

For those transferred into care home facilities, they will have an increased amount of assistance in their daily routine, ranging from help getting out of the bed and feeding and changing clothes. However, most park, if not all, are not assisted living facilities; they are for those individuals who want to reclaim their independence and continue to live their lives happily on their own or with their partners.

However, this does not mean you can’t install equipment in and around your park home to make your life easier, from ramps to railings. You have can a park home especially designed for your bespoke needs. You need to find out if a specific residential park home can furnish you with the help you require. Typically, there are park wardens within the parks that would assist you from time to time. It is their responsibility to maintain the high-quality standards within the parks and help residents with any concerns they may have.

Question 3. Do the Other Residents Have Similar Needs?

Many of the occupants in the parks are of similar age, and it can be assumed that long-term owners of the park homes may have similar needs to others; this can include mobility access like ramps and railings or alarms for emergency situations. As we are proud to promote, our parks are full of like-minded individuals with the same desires for independence. As a park resident, many of the amenities are nearby, and everyone benefits from its proximity. This includes shopping centres and doctor’s surgeries.

Question 4. Are There Facilities Like Internet Access, Magazines and a TV?

The answer is somewhat complex. Some residential park homes are located in parks where there are pre-existing network lines and therefore have access to the internet. However, other parks do not have these networks installed yet, which means that the network providers have to liaise with the park management company.

Installation may be permittable depending on the demand and decisions of the company. In terms of magazines and newspapers, you are more than welcome to have yours delivered to your park home. It also depends on the home model, there is usually a TV set in the living room and an additional one in the master bedroom. It is best to have a park visit to determine this or call the respective park management company to find out.

Question 5. Are There Restrictions on Visitors?

In the event that you are wanting guests in the park and in your park home. Maybe for a cup of tea or your grandchildren staying over. It is more than within the park rules to have visitors. However, depending on the park management company and their set rules, you may be only limited to a certain number of visitors, and the frequency of visits may be restricted. The best way is to ask each park management company about their park rules. They should let you know what is appropriate, as most parks want to keep the peaceful environment of the park for everyone on the park.

Question 6. Are There Facilities Nearby?

Having a residential park home sited in the park is a fantastic investment. If the location is the place you wanted, that’s even better! However, you should always look to find local facilities that suit your needs. Different parks will have different facilities on-site and nearby, and it is essential to do your research. However, due to the nature of the park’s and their residents, most developments consider whether there is a shopping centre and a healthcare provider nearby. Hence, residents are not too far from their essentials.

Question 7. Will It Still Be Suitable if Your Needs Become Greater?

Likewise, you ought to look past your current requirements and determine if a residential park home truly can care for your needs when you are slightly older and require more assistance. Although a residential park home seems like a significant investment. It is built to last, and the home’s construction is designed so you can create changes to it to fit your needs in the future.

Question 8. Are the Staff Suitably Trained?

This is a very broad question. So let’s take you through all of the processes in how a park is managed to how the park home is constructed.

The park warden on the parks always has a great deal of experience running the parks and ensuring that it is kept to the highest standards. They are also trained to deal with issues that may occur in the park and your park homes. However, it is again more important to ensure that you do the research and get to know the park’s structure and its management company to find out how to find help when you require it.

Countrywide Park Homes only work with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure that every park we provide to our clients is happy. Ensuring all properties are built to key specifications (see here) For those that we re-furbish the homes, we restore them back to their best quality, so you can rest assured that we are on your side regarding how our staff interact with you!

Question 9. The amount Will It Cost?

This is another question where the answer is all dependant on the customers’ needs, expectations and budget. The prices for residential park homes will vary from how large you want the park home to be and if the model is a bespoke construction or whether it is pre-owned. The final price will also be determined if you are doing a part-exchange deal with the park management company or whether you are paying for it all in cash. It is best to call up the park management company, list your expectations and requirements, and match you with a suitable park home. After all, it is their job to do so!

Track down the Perfect residential park homes for You 

There are few significant components to consider while picking the ideal residential park homes. Whether it is for you or a family member or somebody you care for. Countrywide Park Homes, we have made it very easy for you to find park homes available for sale near you! You can even contact our dedicated parks and homes specialists to match you with the right park home.

Residential park homes come in all shapes and measures, and what might be ideal for certain individuals may not be reasonable for you. Ensure you know everything before you settle on your residential park homes, as they may assist you with settling on the correct choice.

For more information about residential park homes and how we can help you find your dream park homes! Call our team today on 0800 150 3333. Or visit our website to arrange a park visit today!

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