A Home away from Home – Tips on Finding Your Perfect Holiday Lodge

Park homes for sale ukHoliday lodges are becoming an increasingly popular choice for British holidaymakers. Often regarded as an upmarket alternative to caravan or camping holidays, lodges offer luxury, quality and flexibility, as well as a perfect base from which to enjoy the surrounding area. If you’re looking to buy your first holiday lodge, the following tips can help ensure you find your perfect match.

park homes for sale ukLocation

Do you like the outdoors? What type of leisure activities do you prefer? Most parks are in areas of outstanding beauty and include idyllic coastlines, waterways or acres of unspoilt countryside. Whatever activities you enjoy, it’s important to choose the right park that meets all of your desires.


The distance from home to your holiday home is another important consideration. How far is your potential park from your home? Is the travelling time reasonable? If your new holiday home is more than two hours away for example, you may be less likely to visit frequently and enjoy the full potential and aspect of being a holiday homeowner.


Park homes for sale ukMany parks offer a range of facilities and amenities, including anything from golf, fishing, swimming, clubhouses or entertainment complexes to name only a few. In deciding which park is right for you, consider which facilities and amenities are the most important to you? Will you be looking to escape home and still be involved in activities or would you rather have a retreat or haven where you can literally put everything on hold and enjoy some quality downtime with friends and loved ones?

Length of Season

Not all parks are open all year around, and lengths of season can vary – the majority of holiday parks operate from eight months, ten months or all year round. In determining which park is the right one for you, you should ask yourself how often you hope to use the lodge? Are you planning to visit in the summer months only or be a more regular, frequent visitor? Would you like to use your holiday home for a Christmas and New Year get away? Be sure to check the license of the park before purchasing to maximize use and know your occupation limits from the offset.

Residence and Sub-Letting

Park homes for sale ukBe careful of the policies on residence and sub-letting in each park. Holiday parks will not allow you to live permanently in your lodge unless they have a residential licence, and you may be required to show proof of main residence. In addition, not all parks will allow sub-letting. This could be an important consideration if you are planning on sub-letting your lodge to help cover the costs of owning a holiday home, again check with the park operator prior to purchasing.

Other Costs and Legal Agreements

Clarify any other costs involved, other than the purchase price. For example site fees, ground rent or insurance. Request a copy of your future documentation including license agreement with your potential park’s owner – this will include not only other associated costs but also help you understand further any limitations in place by the owner. Be sure to check a copy of the park rules have been included, as these will form part of your owners license agreement should you become an owner.

Finally, take some time to visit different parks to experience their amenities and facilities first hand. Some park owners have lodges or caravans that can be used on a try before you buy basis, which is a great way to get to know the park and it’s surrounding area. There are also a number of industry shows throughout the year which take place all over the country, publications such as the Park Home and Holiday Caravan magazine are also great reads for anyone looking to invest in holiday home ownership.

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