Why You’ll Love Life in Your Luxury Lodge

holiday lodges

Although it’s taken a while to catch on in Britain, it’s safe to say that luxury lodge ownership is more than a passing fad. After all, everybody wants to explore country living, but not many people can afford a country house. Luxury lodges solve that problem, giving you the perfect escape whenever you want it. However, that’s just the beginning. Let’s look at what else luxury lodges have to offer.

The Perfect Holiday… Every Time

Everybody has been through at least one holiday nightmare where the mosquitoes and rain render your temporary accommodation uninhabitable. Even worse are those moments you turn up to your temporary holiday abode to find it’s a bed-bug-riddled nightmare that bears little resemblance to the brochure or website. Owning luxury holiday lodges takes worry out of the holiday equation, as you’ll be holidaying in a place that’s set up just the way you like it. Forget scouring the internet and hoping for the best. Luxury lodges are truly a home away from home.

Dream Locations

holiday lodges

Luxury lodges offer more than just great accommodation. They’re perfectly situated to capture the best of the British countryside and many have incredible assets on their doorstep. Whether you want to explore the surroundings by foot, catch a spot of fishing, or even arrive at your luxury lodge by boat, you’ll be amazed at where luxury lodges can be found.

Exclusive But Affordable

Why pay rates that fluctuate arbitrarily by season when you can own a luxury lodge for a surprisingly reasonable price? As the popularity of luxury lodge ownership grows, there are new lodges springing up all the time, and many people have reported being pleasantly surprised at the cost. It never hurts to add another asset to your property portfolio either.

Safe as Houses… Or Even Safer

Luxury lodges offer all of the security of a home but so do the grounds. Security barriers and on-site wardens are always operating, meaning your lodge is safe all year round. Forget the expense of mobile security patrols and alarms. Keeping your property safe is all part of the package and most parks cover all aspects of secure living.

A Chance to Part Exchange Your Home

holiday lodgesIf you’ve been tempted to join the downsizing phenomenon sweeping Britain, luxury lodges offer a great incentive that will also help you navigate the sales process. Called part-exchange, the park owner will offer you 100% market value for your property allowing you to cut out the middlemen, and get you into your luxury lodge. Even if you’re not staying all year round, you may find you’ve released enough additional equity to buy a smaller permanent property as well. Countrywide Park Homes are one of the only park operators that offer 100% market value against your home, for your personal quotation and part exchange allowance, call 0800 690 6060.