Caversham: A Beautiful Town with a Distinguished History

The beautiful town of Caversham has a similar relationship with Reading as Hove with Brighton. Like Hove, Caversham has a distinct identity, separated from Reading by the River Thames and with the scenic Berkshire countryside only a short bicycle trip away. Independent shops, restaurants and period housing make Caversham a sought-after destination, especially for families with children.


Central Caversham is flanked to the west by Caversham Heights, a development where house prices are among the highest in the area. To the North lies Emmer Green, an older village now continuous with Caversham. A green belt of sports fields, woodland and agricultural land encircles the area, with nature reserves and the Chiltern Hills lying beyond.

park homes cavershamNotable History

Caversham is mentioned in the Domesday Book, an entry suggesting the presence of a large community sustained by the cultivation of land. During the English Civil War, Caversham Bridge was a strategic stronghold for Royalists: when Parliamentarians took it in 1643, the town was also lost. In more recent history, Caversham became home to the BBC Written Archives Centre and BBC World Service Monitoring.


Within shouting distance of Reading and an hour’s commute to London, Caversham’s location means that property comes with a premium price tag. Expect to pay on average £315,000 for a 3-bedroom, semi-detached house, that’s £65,000 above the national average house price. This is probably the main reason so many homes in the area are retained and rented.

Sport and Leisure

park homes cavershamAs expected, the Caversham area comes equipped with ample facilities for sporting and leisure activity. The Thames Path National Trail – running from the source of the river in Gloucestershire to the flood barrier at Charlton – passes Caversham, reversing banks at Reading Bridge. Football is a major passion in the area, with Caversham AFC and its youth teams attracting a large following.

Garden enthusiasts are well served by the presence of Caversham Court, formerly the site of a 17th century mansion, and now a Grade II listed garden that is open to the public. Features of the garden include a delightful riverside gazebo dating from 1663, one of the oldest constructions of its kind. During events such as the annual Caversham Festival, a passenger ferry operates across the Thames, to and from the gardens.

With its semi-rural setting, the beautiful town of Caversham is a quiet, desirable place to live. Property prices are at a premium, which is why Harvey’s Nurseries Residential Park is such a wonderful development. Set within a walled garden, which originally formed part of Caversham Park Estate, Harvey’s Nurseries offers a range of park homes available to rent over both short term and long term periods. Contact Countrywide Park Homes on 0800 690 6060 to find out more about this unique development and homes available to rent or visit www.countrywideparkhomes.co.uk.