Ease the Moving Process with Countrywide’s Part Exchange Scheme

Countrywide Park Homes introduces the 100% Part Exchange Scheme

If you have ever moved home, you’ll know that the experience deserves its reputation as one of the most stressful life events. There’s plenty of things to organize from changing your mailing address, hiring moving labor, and getting everything in boxes by the time they arrive… just to name a few. But the main source of pressure comes from being stuck in a chain and watching your new home slide out of reach as you struggle to sell your existing property. Fortunately, this pressure can be relieved. Countrywide Park Homes new part exchange scheme is designed to make your headaches disappear and substantially ease the moving process.

Countrywide_Park_Homes_100%_Part_Exchange_on_Park_Homes_for_sale_ImageGuaranteed Smooth Transition

With this scheme you are guaranteed a smooth transition from your old property to your new home. Countrywide will accept your existing property in part exchange for one of their park homes for sale or luxury lodges, usually offering up to 100% of your old home’s market value. The entire process is completed with no legal or agency fees, and you may even release enough additional equity to fund the trip you’ve always dreamed of.

Three Steps to Your New Home

Taking advantage of part-exchange with Countrywide is a simple, three-step process. First of all, you’ll visit one of their beautiful, scenic communities and talk to a sales advisor about your plans. They will organise an independent survey of your existing home which will be used, together with an estate agent’s valuation, to calculate the estimated selling price. Finally, after your part exchange offer is confirmed in writing, Countrywide’s solicitors will handle the sale of your old property and your new purchase. This means you could be starting a better life within 8 weeks of discovering your new home.

part exchangeFar from the Madding Crowd

Easing the worry of moving is not the only type of stress relief offered by Countrywide Park Homes. Park homes are more affordable than other similarly sized properties, so your move could be the solution to financial pressures. Also, Countrywide’s developments create rural communities where enjoyment and relaxation are a priority. So they are the perfect choice if you long to live a simple life in comfortable seclusion, far from the hubbub of town.

Moving home is often rated as one of life’s most stressful experiences. If you long to simplify your life and move to a more scenic community, but are put off by the complications of selling your home, Countrywide’s part-exchange scheme could make all the difference. By taking your existing home in part exchange for up to 100% of its market value, this newly established scheme bypasses property chains and legal fees. Take advantage and you could be moving in to your new home in as little as 8 weeks. If you can picture yourself as part of an idyllic and rural community call Countrywide Park Homes today on 0800 690 6060 and begin your future.