Reduce the Cost of Heating Your Static Home

Autumn heating bills

How time flies. So much so that the autumn and winter season is fast approaching and will soon be upon us. Other than the usual topics of conversation during this time of the year such as the holidays and the cold, you also tend to take a closer look at your energy bill. That is because hand in hand with the arrival of the coldest season also comes a spike in the heating costs for your static home.

Prices of gas, oil, and electricity are often unpredictable. Because of that, home owners here within the UK need to go for more efficient choices. The common solution to the high cost of heating one’s home is to cut down on the use of energy which can leave less fortunate people in a vulnerable position. However, an energy-efficient home, designed to consume less energy and therefore cost you less is the intelligent option.

To give you an idea here are price comparisons of energy sources for Heating your static homes:

– Mains gas: 5.4 p/kWh (includes standing charges)

– Electricity: standard tariff 16.24 p/kWh

– Oil: 3.8 p/kWh (41 p/litre)

– LPG: 5.4 p/kWh

The issue about how much you will spend for heating your residence is a seasonal thing. It only matters during the cold season, which is now fast approaching. But would it not be great to have a solution that will free you from worrying about this particular problem year after year? We at Countrywide Park Homes might just have the answer for you. After all, we are the country’s leading name in elite and exclusive residential park homes for sale and luxury lodge homes living.

Reduce the Cost of Heating Your Home

At Countrywide Park Homes, we offer you the most luxurious homes and retirement destinations. But you do not just enjoy some of the most comfortable living spaces you can find in the UK with us, because you will also get efficiency when it comes to energy consumption. That is why more and more people are choosing a park home to retire to than a bungalow and other dwellings.

Besides the energy efficiency that our homes possess, we also have some of the most outstanding and desirable locations in the country. Locations such as Yorkshire, Isle of Wight, Berkshire, Cheshire, among others are prime destinations for you to choose your new home, so this winter why not save yourself some money and make the smart decision like so many others have, and choose a new park home from Countrywide Park Homes.

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