Residential Park Homes: A Lifelong Vacation

One of the biggest attractions of residential park homes for sale is the relaxed and laid-back lifestyle they offer. With the static home-style builds, natural surroundings and relaxed lifestyle, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the park village can be similar to holiday resorts. With our residential park homes for sale, you’ll feel like you’re on a permanent vacation.

Natural Relaxants

Situated in some of the most picturesque and scenic countryside plots across the UK, our residential park homes for sale give the opportunity for relocation in serene and relaxing areas. Studies show that the patterns found in nature are natural relaxants and can help to destress us so living surrounded by fields, trees & greenery in our park home villages, inspires the calm nature that a holiday often brings.

New Experiences

Whether you’re looking for a residential park home for sale near your current residence or in a totally new part of the country, moving into a park village is a chance to try new things! You’ll be living in a gated community that has a community of other like-minded over 45’s so meeting new people is, pardon the pun, a walk in the park. What’s more many of our locations have recreational areas and are within easy reach of towns and cities where you can visit new stores, eat in new restaurants or even find new hobbies.

Better Than A Holiday

While relaxing, trying new things and living in a peaceful setting feels like you’re on holiday, living in a residential park home for sale is actually much better than a vacation. When on holiday, you often pay a high price for enjoying yourself, with unfair accommodation costs taking a large chunk of the budget. Living in a park village however, comes without an inflated price tag thanks to our part exchange scheme. When you decide to purchase with us, we can sell your home for 100% market value, taking out the cost of your new park home and giving any remaining money from the sale back to you.

Are you over 45 and looking for a more peaceful lifestyle? Take a look at our residential park homes for sale or call us at 0800 150 3333 to discuss your options.

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