Life on a Residential Park

Have you reached that stage in life when you know there has to be something more? When the endless grind of modern-day stresses almost comes to a halt and the opportunity arises for a change in pace… If you have, you may have thought about moving on to a residential park. Here’s a quick snapshot of what life on a residential park is truly like.

Absolute Tranquility

residential park homes

At some stage you just have to accept that the energy you expend in getting through the rat race simply can’t be restored with an annual jaunt to Spain. Right now, in residential park homes all over Britain, there are people living your dream of absolute tranquility all year round. It’s not just on your doorstep, it can be yours whenever you open the curtains.


Britain’s cities may be safe by international standards but there are still worrying factors about built-up areas. Imagine living in a small community protected by security gates, CCTV, and park wardens. If that isn’t enough, residential parks offer a community where neighbours still look out for each other. When it comes to security, residential parks are second to none.

Well-Maintained Grounds

Some Local Councils are better than others, and even the most well-intentioned don’t always get it right. While you’ll have the independence to roam free on your own patch, the wider grounds of residential parks are regularly maintained and landscaped offering a truly beautiful setting for your dream home.

Activities Everywhere

residential park homes

You’ll never run out of things to do in and around a residential park. If you like to while your days away with a book, many have book exchanges on-site or are within easy reach of towns with libraries. Once outside your park you’ll be able to take advantage of activities you can only dream of in the city. Fishing, golfing, rambling… the list goes on and it’s all waiting for you to make the move.

Easy Access to Towns and Cities

Britain is blessed with some beautiful towns and the best residential parks are always well situated to reach them, with the majority being just on the outskirts of local towns. If you have family and friends in one of the big cities, you’ll find plenty of residential parks are just a stone’s throw from main transport routes meaning visitors often call in or take time to join you for family celebrations.

All of this can be yours at a price you can afford. Forget dreaming the dream and start living the dream. All it takes is one phone call and you can start living the life you deserve. Call Countrywide Park Homes today on 0800 690 6060.