Why more Brits are opting to stay put

Home is where you are happiest and feel comfortable. It is the ideal place where you get to enjoy life with your loved ones. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. It can be simple and yet provides everything you’ll ever want in life. We will offer you Staycations and holidaying in the UK.

Tragedy in Tunisia:

More Brits are choosing residential and holiday parks over destinations abroad. That’s been the case ever since the attack in Tunisia. The attack happened in June and left 38 people dead, 30 of them being British. In the aftermath of the tragedy, thousands of Brits have decided to come home.

The numbers are showing a significant drop in the number of people who are going abroad for holidays. From 56 percent last year, the number of those going to other countries for vacations is down to less than 50 percent. That is a considerable reduction by any reckoning.

Staying Home, Where It’s Safe and Sound?

Lancashire Residential Parks

More people have decided to choose a holiday spot within the UK itself, which some have termed ‘staycations’. The number of people who would rather spend more on accommodation rather than the destination itself is growing. That fact makes it easier to select luxury residential and holiday parks that are within the country.

Staycations and holidaying in the UK:

With us at Countrywide Park Homes, you’ll get luxurious homes and retirement destinations. At the same time, you’ll enjoy access to basic amenities and essentials of everyday living. You also have the chance to enjoy all the natural wonders and beauties that the country has to offer. Plus, there is that high level of security that you deserve and will take your mind off any concerns or worries.

There is one more thing that you might find attractive with what we got to offer. Our locations are outstanding and are some of the most desirable within the UK. From Yorkshire and Stamford, to Lancashire and Berkshire,you get only prime locations from us. It is like taking a holiday while staying within the comfort of your own home.

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