Struggling to Sell Your Home?

Are you struggling to sell your home, Countrywide Park Homes has the solution.

When the UK was hit by the economic recession, most areas and markets were affected, and the one of the worst affected was the housing market. House prices have fallen, people are struggling to sell their homes and those that are desperate to move are trapped in a home they simply do not want to be in. People across the country are in a similar position, the usual tools and tactics designed to provoke interest in your home simply are not working. Finances are restricted for most people, and despite the want and need to move and sell, there is little that can be done to resolve the problem unless you’re looking at a one of our luxury park homes.

Houses are now sitting on the market for long periods of time, and owners have to consistently reduce the asking price of the home to generate even the slightest interest. Improvements and modifications will also be required to ensure the home meets the needs of a potential buyer; this too leaves the owner in a difficult situation as they see their initial investment on the home not being returned. The longer the home sits on the housing market, the more likely it is that owners will have to wave goodbye to their dream home as they are trapped in a position they do not want to be in. With the recession showing no real sign of ending anytime soon, the effect on the housing market and the situation for homeowners will remain the same.

Trying to sell your house can be a challenge. You have to transform the property into a neutral, typical home, removing the character you have added just to get people to view the property. Not to mention all of that time consuming estate agent involvement, surveys and solicitors fees – by the time the house is finally sold and you have relocated, it could have taken up to 2 years to complete the sale.

Up until now there has been little option for those that are simply unable to sell their home. Countrywide Park Homes have introduced a 100% part exchange scheme which allows people to be freed from the home that they no longer wish to be in, and offers them the chance of a new life in a stunning park home or sited static caravan within a tranquil and picturesque haven, whilst handling all of the finer details of home selling.

The idea of part exchange works in much the same way as part exchanging your car, all you have to do is select your new park home and the residential park where it’ll be based, discuss the part exchange price and once accepted pick up the keys to your new dream park home. Countrywide Park Homes take out the stress, worry and time consuming processes that come with selling your home all to allow you to start your new life almost immediately.

Solicitors, estate agents and finance agents appointed by Countrywide Park Homes oversee the entire process; negotiation and all contracts, which are as legally binding as they would be if you were to sell your home yourself.

There is no reason to be trapped in a bad situation, live in misery and be left dreaming of that new life when you can be making a new beginning just by picking up the phone, to find out how Countrywide Park Homes can help you just call us today on 0800 690 6060.