Why Our Clients Love Park Home Living!

Have you been looking at park homes for sale but aren’t sure whether to take the plunge and move into the beautiful countryside? Appealing in numerous ways, living in a park home village is a big decision to make, but most who have taken the plunge have never looked back. Here’s why our clients love park home living:

Excellent Locations

All of our park homes for sale are located in the countryside but within reach of the nearest major towns and cities meaning you get to experience the quiet, serene and natural surroundings but are a short drive away from shops, transportation and leisure activities. Whether you’re looking to remain in the same area, move to a completely new one or be closer to family and friends, there are many options when purchasing your park home for sale with us, with parks in Berkshire, Derbyshire, Essex, Lancashire and Nottinghamshire.

Downsizing but Upgrading

One of the key attractions of moving into a park home village for our customers is downsizing. Many of our customers are ready to move out of their large family home, once the children have moved out, for something cosier, comfier and easier to maintain. But reducing the size of your home doesn’t have to mean a reduction in quality. All of our park homes for sale are newly renovated and include luxury features including up to date interiors, quality branded furniture, white goods, double glazing and central heating as standard!

Safety and Security

Purchasing a park home for sale, you can breathe easy in the knowledge that your new home offers extensive security. Situated in gated communities with onsite CCTV, park wardens, private drive ways and electric gates our residential park home complexes give the resident peace of mind that everyone who comes in or out is logged and that their security is our top priority.

Whether you’d like to purchase or are looking for more information about park homes for sale visit our website or call our team on 0800 690 6060.