Moving to Yorkshire – The Beauty of the Yorkshire Dales

retirement homes yorkshireThere comes a time when the bustle of the city is something you want to permanently leave behind; when you want to replace the grime and stone with the rolling beauty of England’s countryside. The Yorkshire Dales are the perfect place to find peace of mind, and Dales View Residential Park is the perfect place to set up your new home. Let’s look at what makes the Yorkshire Dales and Dales View Residential Park so spectacular.

The Perfect Place for a Ramble

retirement homes yorkshireThe Yorkshire Dales boasts two official areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, including the Yorkshire Dales National Park. However, even if you don’t visit these parks, you’ll still find yourself captivated by the tranquility of the area. Dales View Residential Park gives you the opportunity to have this magical landscape at your doorstep. You truly couldn’t get further from the stresses of modern life.

Keeping Active

The Yorkshire Dales offers plenty of activities to keep your body and mind healthy. Explore the numerous cycling routes and fishing spots, or take a walk through ancient woodlands. There are also numerous golf courses, the opportunity to horse-trek, and historical sites that will take your breath away. Retiring to Dales View offers you a lifestyle of opportunities that you could only dream of in a city.

Historic Towns and Villages

retirement homes yorkshireThe Yorkshire Dales boasts wonderful towns, and Dales View is close to the beautiful market town of Barnoldswick. Blessed with moorlands of heather, lowland limestone landscapes, and an inland urban beach, Barnoldswick’s pre-Roman history also offers plenty of opportunities to marvel at what time has left behind. However, Barnoldswick isn’t lost in the past. Family owned boutique shops are flourishing alongside modern banks and medical centres, alongside the old-fashioned charm of traditional Yorkshire Tearooms. All of this is only a mile from Dales View.

Dales View Itself

An overview of the Yorkshire Dales isn’t complete without mentioning the features of Dales View itself. This residential park is located on the Yorkshire-Lancashire Border, easily one of the most beautiful areas of Britain. You can enjoy views across the Yorkshire Dales in the knowledge that the park is completely secure, or make the most of the park’s book exchange. Most importantly, you’ll meet new friends with whom you can explore all the Yorkshire Dales has to offer, and they’ll most likely have similar interests to you.

The Yorkshire Dales is a truly wonderful part of England and Dales View is perfectly situated for enjoying all the Dales have to offer. It’s simply the paradise you’ve worked so hard for. To find out more, Countrywide Park Homes today on 0800 690 6060.